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Key to Chinese Speech and Writing  -  Lesson 13 - 18       Course 103 - Beginner level 3      

You will find in this page audio materials that supplements the extra handouts.


These exercises can be used for the following purposes:
  • Fluency

    Listen and repeat loudly following the exact rhythm and tones as you would learning a song. Practise over and over till you are fluent following the method done in class. If you have problems with the sound/tone combination, start by pronouncing each syllable slowly and clearly before joining them together with increasing speed.

  • Memory

    Test and strengthen your memory by translating any word/sentence into Chinese, and saying it out loud. Then listen and repeat loudly to improve your pronunciation (Repeat till you are fluent). Repeat the exercise after a while till you can translate instantly.

  • Pinyin

    Pinyin is an essential tools in good pronunciation. What you cannot hear, you cannot spell. And what you cannot spell, you cannot pronounce accurately.

    Listen to the audio and write down the pinyin to train your hearing (sound differentiation) and check the handouts for correct pinyin. If you have a lot of problems spelling, use the Pinyin Table to learn pronunciation and pinyin for all the syllables.

  • Practise Respond

    Answer a question or respond to a statement where possible.

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