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Survival phrases
A few phrases to welcome your guests
  1. Hello everyone!
    Dàjiā - hǎo
    'everyone - good'
  2. Welcome!
    Huānyíng huānyíng
    'welcome - welcome'
  3. Glad to see you!
    Hěn - gāoxìng - jiàndào - nǐ
    'very - happy - meet - you'
  4. Glad we meet again!
    Hěn -gāoxìng - yòu - jiànmiàn - le
Survival phrases

#PinyinEnglish[literal translation]When do you use it
1NíhǎoHallo[you good]
General greeting. Reply with the same
2ZàijiànGoodbye / See you again![again see]
3Zǒu ba!Let's go!Urging someone to get moving
4DuōshǎoqiánMuch how? you[more less/much few money
5Bú yào, xièxieNo, Thank you[not want, thank you]
When offered something, especially useful when shopping.
6Wǒ shì HélánrénI am Dutch[I am Holland person]
7Wǒ bù zhīdàoI do not know.[I don't know 'the way']
Dao is 'the way' in Taoism/Daoism
8Wǒ bù dǒngI do not understand[I not understand]
When you have no clue what someone says
9Wó dǒng le!I understand now!When you finally get it
10DuìbuqǐSorry! / Excuse meGeneral apology
11MéiguānxiIt doesn't matter; it's alrightThe usual reply to an apology
12Qǐng wènMay I ask (Excuse me)When requesting information
13Shì /
ShìdeYes (the link verb 'to be') / that's rightAffirmation. Often repeated several times.
14Bú shìNo
15XíngYes, fine. Alright
16Bù xíngIt won't work; No way
17Xíng bù xíng? Will it do. Will it be alright?Asking for agreement
18Méi wèntíNo problem![no question/problem]
When asked a favour
19DuìCorrect. You are right.Affirmation. Often repeated several times
20Bú duìIncorrect/Wrong.
21Zǒu kāiGo away!When you are pestered by anyone who won't leave you alone
22Yǒu méiyǒu?Do you have ... ? Is there... ?When shopping or asking for something
23Tài měi le ! It's beautiful!Spontaneous comment
24Tài hǎo le !It's great!Spontaneous comment
25Tài kělián le !It's really pitiful!Spontaneous comment
26Wǒ è le!I am hungry!Announcement, usually before suggesting to go eating
27Wǒ bǎo le!I am full!Announcement at the table
28Wǒ lèi le!I am tired!Announcement, when engaging in tiring activity
29Wǒ kě le!I am thirsty!Announcement, usually before suggesting to go get drinks
30Wǒ bú huìI don't know howWhen you do know know how to do anything.
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